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September 08, 2006



ROTFL - that is priceless! Did they even know what Alcatraz IS?!?! Or did they just know the name from a list of Bay Area tourist attractions and thought they should tick it off their to-do list?

Las Vegas

I've gotten the same question standing in front of the MGM Grand.

Woman: "Excuse me... where's the Strip?"
Me: "Uh, you mean, 'where can you find some strippers?'"
Woman: "No, I mean the Las Vegas Strip."
Me: "Um, you're standing on it."
Woman: "But the street sign says 'Las Vegas Boulevard'".
Man with woman: "I told you so!"
Woman: "Oh. So this is all there is, then?"
Me: "Yeah, only 8 miles of casinos... but come back next year and there'll be more."

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