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September 20, 2006



ApricotAbra, all the way - the others (except for the Mojito) are too similar to existing flavors. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :-)

Las Vegas

Well, I don't know about those flavors, but I did hear that B&J will be offering a line of Las Vegas-themed icecreams (since it's hot here 9 months a year).

Siegcheese and Roy - the magical combination of *cheez-its* and Frosted Flakes in otherwise completely vanilla icecream. (Frosted Flakes = Tony the Tiger?)

Pillagio - Italian gelato with both chucks of Viagra and the 'morning after' pill

Hoover Damnation - Break through the Billy Graham cracker crust 'dam', and enjoy the sweet salvation of marshmallow icecream and 'Colorado River of fudge'.

Craps! - Lose it all in this non-fat, sugarfree, tasteless sorbet with chucks of carob-covered peanuts. That will teach you drain your bank account trying to win "the big one".

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