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September 19, 2005


San Francisco

AHAHAHAH - you had me at "Mensa"!!!!

Fave quote: "And Kabbalah, out of all of 'em, is the oldest, er, it's so rich, I think it kind of overrules everything."


This photo reminds me of the time Vogue put Courtney Love on its cover and hailed her as a new style-setter. Elle will live to regret this unfortunate lapse, mark my words. You can only put so much lipstick on the pig. Oh and did you notice the subtitle on the cover - "BRITNEY SPEARS - On motherhood, marriage, and her SEX DRIVE." AAAGGHH NOOOOO! TOO MUCH INFORMATION!! ANYTHING BUT THAT, PLEASE!!! I would rather drink molten lead through a STRAW than know the details....


CORRECTION! It was Harper's Bazaar cover, not Vogue, for Courtney. New post up soon for "before & after....

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